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Tue, Apr 12  –  read

Did you know that property prices have climbed over 23% across Australia in the last year alone?! Just in 2022’s Continue reading

Tue, Feb 22  –  read

What are home loans for professionals? How do you qualify? If you meet the eligibility criteria, you might be able Continue reading

Wed, Feb 09  –  read

Do you own or work for an accounting firm? Well, you’re in luck. Banks and other lenders offer discount home Continue reading

Tue, Jan 18  –  read

Throughout the process of searching for a house and home loan, we repeatedly hear the words “good credit score” thrown Continue reading

Tue, Jan 11  –  read

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, knowing and understanding the value of your property is vital. Calculating the value Continue reading

Thu, Dec 02  –  read

Housing affordability has been a long-standing issue in Australia. Traditionally, a cyclical problem, housing affordability is regularly being debated. Now, Continue reading

Tue, Nov 30  –  read

Negative gearing is a popular investment strategy in Australia. Gearing means borrowing money to invest – strategies include positive and Continue reading