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Our goal is to help you find the right home loan that best suits your lending needs.

Buying Your First Home or Investing in Property?

Lendstreet’s seasoned mortgage brokers are here with comprehensive loan services. We
have experience in providing valuable loan services to a diverse clientele, including:

With Lendstreet, you’re not just getting a home loan — you’re getting customised loan
services that invest directly in your dreams and financial future.

Lendstreet Home Loans and Loan Services

First home buyers

Buying a home for the first time can be daunting – but using a mortgage broker is an excellent way to make the process easier.

Next home purchase

Next home buying can sometimes be different and more challenging than your first home buying experience.

Investment property

If you have been looking to grow your wealth, you may consider an investment property which can be a rewarding asset.


If you are a freelancer or a business owner looking to start your journey towards homeownership, please get in touch.

Construction & renovation

For some people, their perfect home is one that they have designed and built on their own, let us help you building your home.

Equity release

If you own a property, be it your own home or investment property, there is a good chance you have built up some equity.


Our financial goals can change over time, comparing different home loans is a good way to see other deals in the market.

SMSF loans

Your self-managed super fund (SMSF) can help you finance your next home or investment properties.

No or low deposit

Lenders have created a variety of products that allow you to reach the property market even though you have a small deposit.

Guarantor loans

Buying a house comes along with getting the help of a dear family member or friend, a guarantor loan is your go-to funding solution.

Loans for professionals

As a professional, you can avoid LMI payments and get better interest rates on your home loan needs.

Low doc home loans

With a low doc home loan, you can start the next chapter of your life in your new home or property investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What loan services do you offer?

Lendstreet is one of Australia’s most trusted mortgage broker for a reason. We can provide
comprehensive loan services that will lead directly to you finding success in the ideal loan
product to buy, invest in, or refinance your property.

Once we’ve met with you and have made an analysis of your goals, requirements, and
specific situation, we’ll begin exploring all available options and reaching out to lenders,
after which we’ll be able to present you with a selection of the best home loan solutions and

interest rates. But we won’t leave you there — we’ll directly help you formalise your loan
with your chosen lender and complete all the requirements to get you the best chance at

Throughout and after your search for the perfect home loan, Lendstreet will keep an eye on
your home loan application status. We’ll stay in touch with the lender you have chosen —
not just to receive updates for ourselves, but to keep you in the loop. We place a priority on
transparent communication, so you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Do I need a mortgage broker to get a home loan?

Working with a mortgage broker is the ideal way to maximise your chances of getting
approved for your perfect home loan. Professional mortgage brokers can get you access to a wide variety of loan products, lenders, and loan services. Not only does working with a
mortgage broker allow you to receive guidance and tailored solutions to your specific
homebuying scenario, but mortgage brokers like those at Lendstreet can get you access to
loan products that aren’t directly available to the public.

Mortgage brokers are able to find the best rates for your loan product — and even small
differences in rates and discounts can have a massive impact on your monthly repayments
and overall expenses. The experts on our team can guide you through the process of getting
a home loan. From application to settlement, we’ll be right there to provide unmatched
loan services and help you obtain the most suitable loan product.

Is it better to get a home loan from a lender or a bank?

It’s always a better solution to get a home loan from a professional lender rather than a
bank. Banks are financial institutions that provide loans straight from themselves.

When you work with a mortgage broker to find a home loan from a lender, you’ll find loan
products with the best rates and lending terms.

What types of loans are best for first-home buyers?

If you’re buying a home for the first time, you may be less equipped to apply for the same loans as seasoned property investors or people who have already purchased a property. But don’t worry, you can apply for various other loans, such as low deposit loans, which allow you to borrow more of the property’s value, and guarantor loans, which reduce the deposit needed by using a family member’s property as security.

Can you help me get a loan for my new investment property?

Absolutely. Lendstreet’s loan services have proven successful in helping clients looking to grow their wealth through property investment. We can provide tailored solutions designed to meet property investors’ financial goals. Contact Lendstreet today for expert investment loan services.