House Inspection Checklist

Get help checking the right home with Lendstreet, your forward-thinking mortgage brokers.

There are so many factors to consider while searching for a house that it may be daunting. The Lendstreet House Inspection Checklist will assist you in looking at areas you may not have considered and may help in determining whether this is the suitable house for you.

You can use the form checklist below or download the PDF version.

A homeowner and a builder checking a newly built home

Your details

Property details

Number of rooms


Does the area have what you need and is it nearby?
Are there schools nearby?
Are there shops/supermarkets?
Are there parks?
Is there public transport nearby?
Is the area residentially zoned?
Is there a lot of noise in the neighbourhood?
Is street parking important to you? If yes, is there sufficient street parking?
Does the building meet council requirements?
Can you get satisfactory mobile reception?


House exterior

Are the stumps in good condition? Replacing house stumps could be costly.
Is there any damage or cracking on the sides of the house?
Are the doors and windows watertight?
Is the paintwork in good condition?

Foundation / Ground

Is the foundation cracked, wet, or leaning badly? You can get a foundation repair specialist to check it out.
Is there moss on the ground? Moss could be a sign of poor drainage problems.
Is the land slanted?


Is the roof in good shape with no missing parts? Check for any signs of water damage or leakages.
Is the gutter in good condition without any clogs, holes, stains, or rust?
Is the antenna working and in good condition?


Are the trees touching the building or any power lines? If so, consider regular tree trimming costs.
Are there any large trees you would like to remove? If yes, some trees are protected and you may need council approval and an aborist.
If you have pets, is the garden secure?

Deck / Porch

Is the railing intact?
Is the flooring even and properly nailed? Do the supporting beams of the deck have any signs of insect damage?


Living / Dining

Is the room large enough to accommodate your furniture and other appliances?
Are the floors level?
If the floors are timber, are they firm and not bouncy?
If the floors are concrete, are they without cracks?
Are there signs of rising damp (any noticeable smells, bubbles in plaster, or dark spongy timber floors)?
Are there enough power points? Are they where you need them?


Is the stove in good condition? Is it large enough for your needs? Turn it on to see that it works.
Is the kitchen big enough for your needs (check bench space, cupboard space, and pantry)?
Does the sink drain fast enough? Are there any dripping taps?
Is there sufficient room for white goods (fridge, microwave, dishwasher)?


Is the tap/shower head dripping water?
Does the shower door leak?
Are the bathroom walls and tiles in good condition?
Does the toilet work properly?


Are there enough power points? Are they where you need them?
Is there enough storage in the built-in wardrobes?


Does the tap and drain in the laundry sink work?
Can the electrical wiring withstand the load?
Is there enough ventilation?


Is the house insulated, both walls and ceilings?
Is there cooling and heating for the whole house or is it only for sections of the house?
Is the floorboard/carpet in good condition? Listen for any creaks and look out for any edges coming up.
Are they any cracks in any of the rooms?
Are there any fly screens?
Do all doors and windows open and close properly?
Has the house recently been painted on the inside? Look for ceiling repair because it could indicate a leaky roof and the fresh paint could be covering leaks.
Is there enough artificial light and natural light available inside and outside the house?


Was the house added on as an extension? Was this approved by the Council?
If needed, is there room to extend the house?
Is the water heater capacity large enough?
Are there any hazardous chemicals like asbestos? Not sure? Consider a building inspection.
Are there any signs of pests? e.g. termites, rats, possums. Not sure? Consider a pest inspection.
Will the house require any immediate renovations? Consider how much you may need to set aside to do this in addition to the property purchase price.
Will you need to purchase any new furniture or white goods for the house? Consider how this may impact your budget.

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