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At Lendstreet, we understand that buying a home can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a range of services by expert mortgage brokers in Melbourne, whether you’re purchasing your first home, looking at an investment property, or refinancing.

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Why Choose a Lendstreet Mortgage Broker?

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Buying a home is an important life decision and requires careful planning and expertise to guide the entire process.

Our mortgage broker Melbourne team are a group of dedicated professionals with years of first-hand experience, providing expert guidance to individuals interested in the Melbourne VIC 3000 area.

We assist all types of buyers in finding the right home, whether you’re a first home buyer or interested in property investment.

Choose one of our mortgage broker Melbourne team members for expert advice every time.

Banks vs Lendstreet – Which is Better?

If you want a personal and tailored experience during your home-purchasing journey, you should consult with one of our Lendstreet mortgage brokers.

We offer honest advice and a guiding hand throughout the process, and our experienced team is always ready to provide advice whenever you need it.

Here’s why you should choose a Melbourne mortgage broker over a mortgage and finance association:

  • A mortgage and finance association sees its customers as numbers rather than people. A Lendstreet mortgage broker treats all our clients as priorities and always finds the best options tailored to their needs.
  • Banks offer similar products and services to everybody, despite individual circumstances. Our Lendstreet mortgage brokers source multiple lenders to increase your borrowing capacity and help you reach your financial goals.
  • A bank will always prioritise the lender over the individual. A Lendstreet mortgage broker in Melbourne will always prioritise your specific lending needs.
  • Banks force lenders to withstand lengthy application waiting times before providing an answer. Find the right home loan quickly with an expert mortgage broker.

Our Services

Unlike banks, a mortgage broker isn’t just dedicated to providing a one size fits all home loan. At Lendstreet, we’re committed to helping you achieve your property dreams, whatever they may be.

Our services include:

Our services are highly recommended for a reason. Consult with a Lendstreet mortgage broker to learn more about our home loan products.

The Lendstreet Process

Whether you’re buying an investment property, looking for a home loan, or simply want expert advice, our Lendstreet mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping you achieve your property dreams.

There’s a reason why we’re known as the best mortgage brokers in the Melbourne VIC 3000 area.

1. One-to-One Discovery Call

All potential clients receive a free one-to-one discovery call with one of our expert mortgage brokers, where we discuss your circumstances, needs, and wants. This first meeting means we can provide you with a tailored experience later down the line and get to know you as a person first.

2. Expert Research and Fact Finding

Whether you’re interested in investment properties, want a home loan, or want to refinance, our expert mortgage brokers are experts in the Melbourne housing market. We’ll carry out all the research and fact-finding you need, providing up-to-date, impartial advice every time.

3. Comprehensive Strategy and Proposal

After getting to know your home loan needs and gathering all relevant information, our Lendstreet mortgage brokers will draft a comprehensive strategy and proposal to help you find the right loan or Melbourne property. We pride ourselves on providing a smooth process for all our clients, leaving you to get on with the essential things.

4. Preparation of Loan Documents

Once our mortgage brokers have found you the right home loan, we’ll get on with drafting and preparing the documents while staying in contact to answer any questions you might have. Our team are well-versed in the homebuying process, so you’re guaranteed an amazing experience with no setbacks.

5. Loan Submission

We’ll draft loan documents and submit loan requests to your chosen banks or lenders. Our mortgage brokers are dedicated to doing the hard work for you, so you can focus on your goals – finding an investment property, researching surrounding suburbs, or running your business.

We highly recommend consulting with one of our mortgage brokers to streamline the homebuying process.

6. Settlement

Once the loan is submitted and approved, a Lendstreet mortgage broker will aid in the settlement process, and you’ll officially own your dream Melbourne property!

7. Ongoing Annual Loan Health Reviews

At Lendstreet, our relationship doesn’t stop after loan approval. Our mortgage brokers will stay in touch and conduct ongoing loan health reviews to ensure your home loan is working for you.

That’s what makes a great mortgage broker, after all.

Buying a property is not something to be taken lightly, and it’s important to take time to research the market and consult with an expert mortgage broker. For advice on the Melbourne market, contact a Lendstreet professional today.


Do I need a mortgage broker?

Unlike banks, a mortgage broker provides a tailored experience and is dedicated to giving you the best credit advice and finding you the best deal, consulting with different lenders on your behalf.

Is a bank separate from a mortgage broker?

Yes, mortgage brokers can offer multiple mortgage options to clients with the aim of finding the best deal possible. In contrast, a bank can only offer its own services. Non-bank lenders can therefore offer more competitive rates.

Is a finance broker different from a mortgage broker?

Yes, a finance broker can offer a other financial advice, whereas a mortgage broker specialises in home loans such as refinance options, monthly repayments advice, and mortgage products.

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