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Fri, May 27  –  read

Key Takeaways: Lenders inform credit bureaus of your lending and repayments activities. Different credit reporting bureaus use different scale boundaries. Continue reading

Tue, Apr 19  –  read

Did you know that it is often cheaper to build a house on vacant land, rather than buy established properties? Continue reading

Wed, Apr 13  –  read

Did you know that over 67% of Australians own their own home? That is over 5.4 million homeowners across the Continue reading

Tue, Mar 22  –  read

Mortgage brokers can save you a lot of stress on your home loan. From reducing your monthly repayments, lowering interest Continue reading

Wed, Mar 16  –  read

Many mortgage brokers advertise their services as free but being the careful home buyer that you are, you want to Continue reading

Tue, Mar 08  –  read

While salary sacrificing into our super contributions is pretty standard, did you know that you can also sacrifice your salary Continue reading

Tue, Mar 01  –  read

Buying a new property is both exciting and nerve-wracking. While we hope that the process will run smoothly, there is Continue reading

Tue, Feb 15  –  read

Lender’s Mortgage Insurance or LMI is one of the dreaded costs of buying a property. It can cost home buyers Continue reading

Fri, Feb 04  –  read

Buying a house goes far beyond the initial purchase price. Negotiating the property purchase with a real estate agent is Continue reading

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