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Published: April 22, 2022

About Annandale

Do you want a taste of nostalgia, surrounding yourself with century-old homes just a few minutes away from Sydney? You can experience this unusual mix when purchasing your next property in Annandale.

Located in Sydney’s Inner West, the suburb of Annandale is a highly sought-after area to buy property. Prices for Annandale real estate are surging through the property market, making now the best time to buy your next property.

Sydney’s Central Business District is only 5 kilometres away, making Annandale the perfect commuting neighbourhood. This suburb is home to many high-achieving professionals and thriving families alike.

Purchasing your next property in Annandale could generate the perfect lifestyle that many nearby suburbs cannot offer.

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Median Age

Average Household Income

Annandale Median Household Income

The average household income for a resident in Annandale totals $9,348 each month. On average, a typical Australian household earns $3,932 per month.

This significant uplift in earnings is unique for Annandale, with NSW earnings reaching $5,944 monthly. This directly influences Annandale’s position so close to the CBD and the pull of professionals to the suburb.

Schools, hospitals, and other landmarks

Discovering the perfect property is important, but finding great locations with amazing amenities is priceless!

17 Schools & Universities

3 Hospitals

2 Banks

4 Shopping Malls

4 Parks & Leisure

Bus Transport

Lakes & Rivers

Annandale offers great educational choices for residents, such as Annandale Public School and St. Brendan’s Catholic Primary School. The area offers both public and private hospitals, as well as many parks for the family to discover. Offering a taste of nineteenth century history, visit the exquisite heritage-listed properties, such as The Abbey and Greba.


What type of lifestyle would you experience if you bought real estate in Annandale, NSW?

Annandale is the perfect hub for professional couples and singles and growing families. Centred in the middle of Glebe, Lilyfied, and Leichardt, and 15 minutes’ drive away from the CBD, Annandale has something to over everyone!

Locals rave about the internet access they enjoy, making remote working easy. In addition, Annandale residents love the public transport links and the clean streets, which they take pride in.

Many Annandale streets are lined with trees and heritage-listed homes. However, that does not stop the music scene, which locals enjoy amidst the plethora of bustling coffee shops!

Booth Street is the place to be for extraordinary boutique shopping. Or, relax and take in the scenery at Blackwattle Bay and nearby Rozelle. The waterfront edge of Annandale draws an exquisite mix to the area.

Achieve urban city living, just a stone’s throw away from Sydney itself!

Common Residential Property Type


Around 54.3% of residents in Annandale have purchased their homes, either through finance or owning outright. In contrast, 43% of Annandale residents rent their property.

Average Property Price

Median Property Price to Buy
Median Rental Price Per Week

To buy a property in Annandale, the median property price is currently $2,395,000. Buying real estate in Annandale could cost you more than double the $1,000,000 price of a median property in NSW. Due to Annandale’s proximity to Sydney, demand is high, and homes do not stay on the property market very long!

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To rent a property in Annandale, the average rental price is $843 per week. The median rental figures for Annandale are almost double NSW’s median rental of $480 per week. The demand for rental homes and units in Annandale is high, justifying the higher rental figures.

Average No. of Properties Sold Per Month

On average, around 13 properties are sold per month in Annandale. This figure is based on 160 properties being sold in the suburb over the last 12 months.

In contrast, over 500,000 properties are sold each year in NSW, totalling over 41,000 properties per month.

Annandale real estate does not become available very often and sells quickly when it does. Residents do not want to leave this superb local suburb!

Similar Locations

So, you love the sound of Annandale but cannot afford the price tag. What other locations can provide you with a similar lifestyle at a more affordable price?


Newtown. Newtown has a median house price of $1,755,000 to buy.

Newtown offers a diverse culture in a village lifestyle with similar traditional buildings seen in Annandale.

If you want to rent a home in, the average rental price is $765 per week.


Leichhardt. Leichhardt has a median house price of $1,863,000 to buy.

Leichhardt combines a delightful blend of Italy into New South Wales life. Coffee shops, family-run restaurants, and gourmet grocers make Leichhardt a unique place to call home.

If you want to rent a home in  , the average rental price is $750 per week.


If you want to be close to Sydney but experience a village atmosphere with an eclectic culture, look for real estate in Annandale! With traditional family homes and stylish modern apartments, Annandale has something to offer you!

Combining a desirable mix of a friendly, tree-lined community, and a young, professional population, Annandale is the commuter’s dream. Prices to rent or buy in Annandale are higher than in NSW as a whole. Although, you can substantially increase your earning power and potential career prospects when working so close to the CBD!

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