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Published: May 18, 2022

About Marrickville

Do you want to relocate to one of the trendiest neighbourhoods around? Marrickville in NSW could provide you with dynamic living with a range of local amenities. Positioned 7km from the CBD, commuters love this suburb for its close city proximity and its community feel.

Experience a neighbourhood like no other down Marrickville Road and into the buzz of the shops and the cafe culture. Offering excellent public transport, this suburb is a sought-after location in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West.

Marrickville is a larger suburb than many others in the locality. Bordering Petersham and Dulwich Hill, residents are in a prime hub desired by many property purchasers.

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Median Age

Average Household Income

Marricville Median Household Income

Households across Marrickville can earn around $8,692 per month. This household income is much higher than the median NSW household income of $5,944.

Schools, Hospitals, and other Landmarks

What amenities are located in Marrickville for you and your family?

15 Schools & Universities

1 Hospitals

3 Banks

1 Shopping Malls

5 Parks & Leisure

Bus Transport

Lakes & Rivers

A range of school options is available for families in Marrickville. Choose from Marrickville Public School and Marrickville High School for your child. Or opt for St. Brigid’s Catholic Primary School and Casimir Catholic College. Fantastic educational and sporting opportunities are waiting for your child in Marrickville!


What type of life could you live if you bought a home in Marrickville?

Visit McNeilly Park for an amazing landscape and enjoy the greenery with your family and friends. Then you could dine out on unique Vietnamese cuisine and refreshing craft beer, appreciating the Red Rattler music scene.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, what about a weekly market at the Addison Road Centre? Try new delicacies and purchase independent splendours whilst the kids tackle a pony ride or two.

Marrickville is positioned at the centre of Inner West Sydney. Offering commuters the perfect 7km travel distance to the CBD or 4.5km to Sydney airport, get where you need to be, effortlessly.

Common Residential Property Type


On average, there are more bought properties in this suburb than there are rental properties. Marrickville is a key settlement for families who want to stay here for the long term.

Average Property Price

Median Property Price to Buy
Median Rental Price Per Week

Experiencing a 51% increase in median house prices since 2016, you can currently purchase a property in Marrickville for $1,899,000.

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If you aim to rent a home in this suburb or invest in a property, rental prices attract $750 per week.

Average No. of Properties Sold Per Month

NSW experiences around 41,000 property sales per month. However, only 14 Marrickville properties are sold monthly in the suburb, making this area a key sought after location!

Similar Locations

Marrickville is a great place to live but may be out of reach for some budgets. Searching through alternative NSW suburbs may help you achieve a similar lifestyle at a lower property price.

These suburbs offer a lower median property price than Marrickville but still provide a diverse, multicultural hub.

  • North Parramatta

A median house price of $1,500,000 will enable you to buy a home in North Parramatta.

North Parramatta will provide you with a busy, inner suburb lifestyle at a fraction of Marrickville’s price tag. Located 20km from the CBD and under 35km from the nearest coast, city life and beach waves are within touching distance.

North Parramatta’s median rental rates are currently $590 per week

  • Mortdale

Mortdale has a median house price of $1,588,000 if you want to purchase a property.

If an old-fashioned suburb centre and charming buildings win your heart, Mortdale is the suburb for you. A 20km distance from the big city buzz, this suburb offers a community feel amidst the eclectic cultural blend.

The median rental price in Mortdale is $610 per week currently.



Do you wish you lived in a bustling neighbourhood with a charming community feel? Marrickville could be the suburb for you! Relocate your family to Marrickville for superb schools and everlasting greenery. Create memories and new experiences, all within a quick drive to the big city.

Median properties in Marrickville come at a lower price than some Inner West Sydney suburbs. You can achieve your goal of living in a trend-setting suburb at a more reasonable price.

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